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Brixton Homes is an excellently designed residential development that features not just comfortable homes but also the best possible features and amenities which makes life an eased out affair. The property features a number of indoor and outdoor amenities. 

All the residential units feature long span painted roofs, neatly tiles bathrooms and toilets, roof framings made up of steel, casement windows made up of steel, well-equipped kitchen and so much more. The units are ready to be moved in with all the electrical and cable wire fittings. 

There is a large playground and a full-size basketball court featured in Brixton Homes where the kids can spend their time playing their favorite games with their friends and siblings. The basketball court enables the residents to learn this amazing sport without even stepping out of their home. These are truly a blessing in disguise as these provisions keep the kids indulged in outdoor physical activities in a generation where the technical gadgets have taken over drastically. Therefore, you can expect your kids to remain fit and healthy while residing at Brixton Homes.

Brixton Homes feature a guardhouse at the entrance point where trained security professionals are posted. These guards are responsible to main a safe and secure environment in and around the property. They keep and close check on all the happenings of the property and one can be sure of their belongings being 24 x 7 guarded. There is a multi-purpose hall featured in Brixton Homes for the convenience of the residents. The occupants can host meetings in this hall and can also indulge in a number of recreational activities with family and friends. 

There is a centralized water supply system at Brixton Homes which ensured 24 x 7 supply of clean water. This is made possible by the overhead water tanks and underground water cisterns which the property features. There are underground gutters and an excellent underground drainage system that Brixton Homes features which keeps the property and the surroundings neat and tidy. The property also features curbs and concrete wide roads build within the community.

Therefore, for Brixton Homes, it won't be incorrect to say that it is a residential heaven that features a long list of luxurious amenities and convenient facilities. Plus, the developers have a management team appointed to look after all these various offerings.

Housing Specifications (Bare Type Turnover)

  • Long Span Colored Roof
  • Steel Roof Framings
  • Tiled Bathroom
  • Steel Casement Windows
  • Complete Toilet & Bath
  • Complete Electrical Wiring and Fixtures
  • Complete Water/Plumbing Pipes & Fixtures
  • Entrance Gate with Guardhouse
  • Multi-Purpose Hall
  • Playground
  • Basketball Court
  • Centralized Water Supply
  • Concrete Roads, Curbs and Gutters
  • Underground Drainage System
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